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OpenPMU News

2012-12-30: Luigi Presents OpenPMU in Rio de Janeiro
2012-12-03: OpenPMU - Ready for its first trip to Brazil!
2012-10-09: OpenPMU Presentation by Queen's Uni. Belfast at STRONgrid Meeting, KTH, Stockholm
2012-10-09: Video: Building an OpenPMU at KTH, Stockholm
2012-06-01: Cisco / SISCO begin open source project for Synchrophasor comms (IEC 61850-90-5)
2012-05-29: New updated documentation for PCB fabrication and connection.
2012-05-28: Assembly Instructions for the OpenPMU Enclosure now available on Documentation page.
2012-05-28: Facebook page gets a new look! - Check it out!
2012-02-12: Welcoming Iyad Al-Khatib (KTH) to OpenPMU, developer of IEEE C37.118 middleware for OpenPMU!

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